Emilie Schaefer
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Lyon Light Festival


Well, since I can hold a pen, but more seriously from 2015 to 2021.

Leisure & student projects.

My Role

Have fun, mainly.

Illustrate apps or websites.


Tools & Methods

Sketchbook & pencil, ink, paint...

Collage, sewing...

Wacom Intuos & Adobe Suite.

Web illustration

I understood a drawing tells more than a thousand words. This is why I always use illustrations to explain the service I imagine in my design projects. For example, to provide a sensible and contemplative experience to the Trans-Siberian web site, Transsib, I created a series of poetic illustrations. They illustrate what a trip on this mythical railway looks like, through the mountains and lakes of Siberia, from Moscow to Beijing. I wanted to make the user dream of such a beautiful travel as much as I do myself. Hoping to do this trip one day !

For Stay Home, a European app to fight the Covid19 pandemic from home, I created a series of digital illustrations, aiming to convey a positive feeling while using this serious-looking service. Indeed, the stories they tell guide the user into the app through a lively onboarding.

I also made illustrations for an app project, Winky. As the app aims to ease communication during meetings, I imagined smooth and dynamic shapes and joyful scenarios. The contrasted and vibrant colors follow the graphical charter of the app.


I recently joined Wise ("What is Science Even?") as an illustrator. This team of passionate students deconstruct complex issues about science and ethics, through weekly articles. Here are some of the illustrations I made for articles about health and race, AMR, Black Friday and ecology, and pandemics...

Digital drawings

Because drawing is for me more a leisure than work, I enjoy experimenting new styles and techniques...

My sketchbooks

I like observing what is around me... And sketching is a good pretext to stare at people ! Also, I try to represent what I see with honesty, as I see it.

Daily Quarantine

During the first Covid19 lockdown in France, drawing really helped me to relativise and express this weird new life experience through irony. So I challenged myself to do a drawing a day during 30 days.

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