Emilie Schaefer
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Since January 2020.

Short contracts, full-online.

My Role

UX-UI Designer.

Graphic Designer.

Digital Illustrator.

Tools & Methods

Lo-fi & hi-fi prototyping.

Customer relationship management.

Wacom Intuos & Adobe Suite.

Since January 2020, I work as a freelancer: I design websites, logos, digital illustrations, and more. It allowed me to apply my academic design experience to a professional context and taught me the reality of customer relationship management and of technical capabilities. Here are some of the works I delivered to clients.

UX-UI Design for a holiday chalet's website

Having recently renovated an old mountain house in the French Alps, the client asked for a website that would showcase the house's information but would also act as a short introduction to the local area, with recommendations about the activities to do and the places to visit...

Alone on this project, I first suggested a series of lo-fi wireframes and a visual identity to the client, and with his approval, I created a high fidelity prototype of the entire website. After a series of iterations following the client's feedback, I lead the front-end coding and the online hosting of the website.

Discover the website

Since this website was delivered to the client, the number of reservations considerably increased. On my side, it was a real pleasure to make visitors dream about my beloved region!

Logo Design for an emerging lingerie brand

The co-founder of a lingerie brand in Warsaw was in need of a first version of the brand's logo. Called Ekcentrik, this brand is inspired by the charism, the wilderness, and the militancy of Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, and London. It aims at unveiling the power of those who identify as women through extravagant but subtle underwear that is meant to be worn as clothes. The brief suggested showing a lightning flash which conveys the brand's energy.

Discover the brand

Inspired by the thin lines and bright colours of the neons lights that illuminate these cities' nightlife, I chose a lineal font that brings elegance to the logo and a vibrant violet which is the mix between red and blue lights. To avoid the logo being too rigid, I exchanged some of the letters' capital letters for their lowercase alternative.

This first version of the brand's logo was foundational for the logo's final version, which is now shown on the brand's storefront in Warsaw, on its website, and its items' labels. I was particularly proud when the Ekcentrik brand was featured on the website of VOGUE Poland!

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