Emilie Schaefer
Works About


Lyon Light Festival


January 2019

1 week creative code workshop


Arslan Sifaoui

ZoƩ Pan

My Role

Building and programming of an interactive installation

Conception of a unique visual and sound identity

Tools & Methods


Micro:bit card

Mapping on dichroid paper

During a one week workshop, me and my team conceived Abymes, an immersive and interactive experience that captivates the user in a beautiful but dangerous atmosphere.

We built and coded a remote control with a Micro:bit card and Processing, to project animations on a reflecting dichroid paper surface and to control the colors of the animations. The galactic sound design and the saturated visual identity of the installation refer to one of my favourite movies, Blade Runner, whereas the triangular reflections and the narcissic visual satisfaction offered by the experience are inspired by another great film, Neon Demon.

Next Project : Immersive Room